Swain’s World

I grew up on the shores of the Great Sacandaga Lake in Northville, NY. And all through my childhood and teenage years I was always interested in music. Seeing as how I can’t play an instrument I figured I would give radio a try. But that came after working in several kitchens as a line cook. I graduated from the New School of Radio and Television in 2008 and got my first gig as a Remote Coordinator at Albany Broadcasting in Latham. After 4 years of working there and managing to work my way up to a weekend shift on Rock100.9 and doing news for 2 years, I have landed right here at Z96.5 and AM930 WIZR. I look forward to helping you get to work during the week, hopefully we can share a laugh or two and enjoy some great music along the way!!!!

A few of my Favorites:

Foo Fighters/Nirvana/Dropkick
Murphys/Street Dogs/Alice in Chains/Stone Temple Pilots/Soundgarden

This is also a tie between the The Blues Brothers and American Graffitti

Johnny Depp

Performance VW Magazine

Sport: Baseball (Red Sox) or Football (Giants) or Hockey (Rangers)

TV Show:
Top Gear UK


TGI Friday’s/Osaka Sushi House

Food: Scrambled Eggs, Mac N’ Cheese, Sushi

Place to Shop:
Barnes N Noble (they carry my favorite magazine)

What’s on your iPod?
A random assortment, Pink Floyd to Matisyahu to Beastie Boys to As I Lay Dying

What CD is on your CD player right now? 6 Mix CD’s

Yup! And I am sorry guys but I have the BEST wife ever!!!!

Pets? 1 dog named Lucy, a Brussels Griffon Terrier/Pug Mix

What is your favorite cereal?
Fruit Loops

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Yes

What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate Peanut
Butter Cup

Favorite smells: Race Gas, and good home cooking

What is your favorite lunch meat? Roast Beef

Do you still have your tonsils? Yes

Would you bungee jump? Probably, but I would Sky Dive first

Pet Peeves: Way too many to list!!!

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My small car obsession…..

Z102.9 and AM930

Thanks everyone for checking out the blog section of my page. First off, I am a HUGE car fanatic, so almost anything car related I love. Here is a little bit of a look at some of my favorite videos….Hope You Enjoy!

I own a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, and I love anything Air Cooled Volkswagen related….this is a small taste. Check it out >HERE<